Jon Maldonado

Warehouse Manager

Hometown:Baldwin Park, CA Nickname(s):Jon, Jonny, Jmaldo, JinA typical day for me at the Popular Demand office is…Open up the warehouse and turn on all the lights then chill and drink my coffee for a couple minutes. Most times I'll make a list of what needs to get done and knock it out but if I was doing something the day before I'll pick up where I left off. Usually, I'll have the one and only Bentley to keep me company, throughout the day. After that, I take care of the customer service emails and get back to everyone. Once I'm done doing that, I'll print out the orders and pull them before 2 PM. I look forward to the USPS and UPS drivers that come at 2 and 5 PM because we always talk about what's going down on the weekend. Once 2 o'clock comes I take my lunch and watch youtube and pig out then I always regret it. Depending on if we have a sale or not after 3 is usually my catch-up time around the warehouse. Whether it's restocking or taking inventory there's always something to do!
What I did before Popular Demand:I was working in Disneyland California Adventure While attending Mt.Sac Community College. I've only got a year and a half left so I'm excited!Something I wish I knew when I was younger:Not to believe everything people tell you.My guilty pleasures are:Eating all the food in the house and ignoring my girlfriend while I play video games.Three things I can’t live without:My car, Phone, and some dank flower.One weird fact about me:Sad songs make me happy.My favorite Popular Demand story:Probably when Johnson and I brought our pugs to the office and Bentley was scared of Goku. It's funny to watch those two go at all day.