Damean F Sanz

Damean F. Sanz

Office Coordinator

Hometown: Silver Lake, CA Nickname(s): @Dizzy_Sanz A typical day for me at the Popular Demand office is… • 9:45AM - Walk into office and make sure nobody destroyed the office overnight
• 10:00AM - Reading through daily tasks
• 11:00AM - Working on inventory
• 12:00PM - Stack up them hunnids
• 2:00PM - Eat grass and water
• 3:00PM - Try not to get fired
• 4:00PM - Stunt on these hoes
• 7:30PM - Speed Home
What I did before Popular Demand: • Event lighting with my dad
• Cashier at a 99 cents only store Something I wish I knew when I was younger: Don’t go out with your ex’s sister or your ex's mom My guilty pleasures are: • Eating a big bag of chips at 4:00AM so nobody can judge me
• Play video games for hours on end on weekends
• Retail therapy
Three things I can’t live without: Hot Cheetos, Gucci, Dragon Ball (Z,GT,Super) One weird fact about me: Everything about me is weird My favorite Popular Demand story: One time, Mariah and I went to Tender Greens for lunch on a rainy day and let’s just say we almost hit a Prius, I almost flew out the car, and I had a mini heart attack. I haven’t gotten in a car with her since then.